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At Legend Auto Center, we want the entire car buying experience to be about you and your desires.  How many times have you settled for a car because it was the best one available at the time?  Too many!

Nobody knows what you want or need better than you.  We want to get to know and understand what you are looking for in a vehicle and make that wish list a reality.  Whether your needs are broad (anything third row) or specific down to make, model, trim and color, it is our mission to find the best vehicle for you.

Step 1: Speak with a Car Advisor

During this process, your car advisor will get to know exactly what you are looking.  If you know exactly what you are looking, that is great.  If you only know some of the features you are looking, we can help assist you in discovering the perfect vehicle to fit your needs. 

Step 2: Agreement

Once you have spoken with a Car Advisor and determined exactly what you are looking for and the price of the vehicle, we come to an agreement.  For a 10% deposit, our Car Advisors have thirty days to find your vehicle.  If we find the vehicle, we will use your deposit as part of the payment for the vehicle.  If we cannot find your perfect vehicle in 30 days or less, you have the choice to let us continue searching or we will refund your deposit.

Step 3: Vehicle Search

After the agreement, all you have to do is sit back and relax as our Car Advisors get to work searching thousands of dealer auctions all across America for your dream vehicle.  Once they have located your vehicle, we will have it transported to our location for our experienced technicians to inspect the vehicle.

Step 4: Inspect and Recondition

After we have located your vehicle and received it at our location, our knowledgeable technicians get to work inspecting the mechanical aspects of the vehicle to sure they are in good working order.  This extension process covers everything on the vehicle from front to back, top to bottom and inside to outside.  After the technicians are finished, the vehicle is then placed in the hands of our recondition team to ensure that it receives a proper detailing before it gets to you.

Step 5: Sign, Seal and Deliver

Following the reconditioning of your vehicle, a Car Advisor will contact you to let you know that your vehicle is ready.  We will sit down with you to sign the papers required by the DMV/MVA and hand you the keys to your new to you vehicle.  After you drive away in your specially hand picked vehicle, our Car Advisors will go to the DMV/MVA to finalize the paperwork, complete the registration and get the license plates for your vehicle.